Sunday, 23 June 2013

Damsel In Distress

Cockchafer Beetle

This is a bit of a retro post as most of these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago (early June), but there are still stories to be told. First, above, is a splendid Cockchafer beetle I found legs up in the air outside my back door one morning. The evening air had been busy with the sound of their flight, the sound of disappointment, zzzzzd thud, zzzzzzzd thud. Apparently not masters of aerobatics, they are nonetheless one of my favourite summer sights and sounds.

Froglet in adult human hand (for scale)


It was also time to release some of our tank reared froglets into the wild. You may have to zoom in to the pictures to see them, but to see them go was a proud moment.
Froglet released (centre frame on grass)

Froglet goes wild

Common Blue Damselfly

Female Common Blue Damselfly with damaged wings
Damselflies have been busy at the Kitchen Garden pond as shown in last weeks's post. The blue ones are males. These pictures show a female with a crooked body and damaged wings, below being 'buzzed' by an amorous male.

Female Common Blue Damselfly buzzed by blue male

Remarkably, over a week later I saw apparently the same animal on the same leaf stem still getting buzzed by males. I have some pictures I need to check to see if it is the same flightless individual, but tragically I saw her finally grabbed by a male and carried off. With the male unable to power them both in flight, they crash landed into the water. The male was able to fly off, the female was not so fortunate.

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