Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Long Legs And Long Days

The long length of the days has increased the chances of seeing at least one wondrous or weird thing whilst wandering. The lavender is a-buzz (as more worryingly is the roof above my back door) and what a pleasure to see a daddy long legs actually outside and not careering around a light bulb.

Six Spot Burnet Moth

Carder Bee
Daddy Long Legs (Crane Fly)

On two nights I've spotted badgers out well before dusk. Both times I've been able to walk within 12 feet of them and barely be noticed (no camo required). The dry weather makes earth worms hard to find, getting a meal becomes more important than avoiding humans.

I'm not here
Off for breakfast

On the macabre front, I attempted a wildlife rescue for a Red Damselfly who had ditched into our paddling pool. I took some pictures whilst I assumed he would recover. Alas, he never did. 

Paddling pool victim
Bejewelled Damsel

More gruesome than taking portraits of the recently dead though, was witnessing an unfortunate spider join the ranks of the living dead. Completely overwhelmed by a solitary Pompilid Spider Wasp (clearly not needing any friends), the spider could do nothing as the wasp injected her egg inside. The future for the spider is not bright, it'll be eaten from the inside out.

Ninja Wasp...
...tackles not so Ninja spider
Dropping the kids off

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