Monday, 25 May 2015

Spring Forth

After some time away, I've been enjoying playing with a macro lens once again on the estate. Also in late April I managed to get some video of 3 tiny badger cubs who were up and out before sunset (between 7 and 8pm). 

The woodpecker below is from Wraxall Piece, a small woodland not on the estate, but very close. I stood at the bottom of an old dead beech tree listening to the incessant calling of an unseen chick. The adults then both visited the very high up hole with food every 2 minutes or so. 

I'm hoping now to have some time to film Emperor Dragonflies emerging in the kitchen garden pond over the next coupe of weeks, results to appear here if I'm successful

Dandelion head

Dandelion seeds

Herb Robert




Great Spotted Woodpecker

Absolutely no idea... bug on apple tree

Unidentified bug on apple tree

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