Monday, 18 April 2016


18th April and spring brings with it a new determination to better record the wild life here at Tyntesfield; all being well there'll be an improvement in frequency, quantity and hopefully quality.

I spent much of the winter waiting for queen bumblebees to emerge after reading Dave Goulson's excellent book 'A Sting In The Tale'. I've been delighted to see them bumbling about, but have so far failed to take a decent picture. Happily, Bluebells are less mobile and now resplendent in Truckle Wood and elsewhere on the estate.

Bluebells in Truckle Wood, Tyntesfield

Wood Anemones in Truckle Wood, Tyntesfield

Blackthorn blossom (blossom before leaves)

Hawthorn leaves (leaves before blossom)

At the start of April I noticed a shrub outside my house swarming with insects enjoying the early food supply from its flowers. These are just a few of the animals observed (the 'just about in-focus' ones). There were many more that evaded my available technology and skills, but I intend to persist and improve.

A Mason Bee I believe - hairier and smaller than a Honey Bee

Honey Bee with loaded pollen sacs

Nectar supping fly (unidentified)

Robber Fly?

Roe deer startled by man taking pictures in a bush

A Bee Fly. About as cuddly as flies get, apart from the spiky proboscis

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