Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pond preparations

Like over-wintering pond life, I've been down deep and out of sight, but not without much unseen industry. Over the next 10 days I'll be filming and photographing the emergence of Emperor Dragonflies from Tyntesfield's kitchen garden pond. The pond frog will seek to wreak his revenge on the dragonfly larvae pictured below attacking his foot. 

Damselflies are already out and about and, whilst on pond filming business, I stumbled on a fox cub lolling about outside its den. A bit of a chocolate box picture, I realise now that's a photographic pitfall you escape when concentrating on bugs and weirdos. In the words of Milton Jones, "my bugbear are the insect mammal crosses"....

Fox cub getting a whiff of me upwind (schoolboy error)

Large Red Damselfly

Azure Damselfly

Frog with foot attacked by dragonfly nymph

Dragonfly nymph bitten off more than he can chew

Damselfly squadron

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