Friday, 23 June 2017

Day Glow Meadow

With mission 'Emperor's Emerging' now behind me, it's been on to mission 'Meadow'. The two lower fields at Tyntesfield have been reseeded with wildflowers over the last year. It will take some time before the flowers re-assert themselves over the grasses, but like any meadow they are still a spectacle to behold and one I wished to document.

The recent gusty turn in the weather slightly blew my dreams away, certainly for aerial photography. However, this meteorological hostility was as nothing to the unromantic and brutal horse-fly assault I have been repeatedly subjecting myself too. I am a huge fan of Laurie Lee's evocative coming of age memoir 'Cider With Rosie', but all I can imagine is that you'd have to be anaesthetised with a great deal of cider before contemplating doing anything with Rosie in this meadow. Then there's the ticks... and the hay fever..., but I do understand nature has no obligation to be kind to me and at least it has the unwitting grace to be aesthetically rewarding.

Also some happy snappy snaps below of a glorious glow-worm and other garden grubs.

Meadow grass in Toggles Field at sunset

Fly dancing in the sunlight

Meadow grasses and Ox-eye Daisies

Toggles meadow and a miraculous Emperor Dragonfly

One of many kinds of meadow grass heavy with seed

Birdsfoot trefoil. I was seeking Yellow Rattle, this illuminated my ignorance.

Very close Birdsfoot trefoil

Tyntesfield House from 30m in the air

A glow
A Glow-worm

The same Glow-worm still glowing

Glow-worm glowing

A Damselfly at Backwell Lake

Cinnabar moth caterpillar

Ladybird pupa transforming on my tadpole tank

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  1. Love the sunset shot. And was the emporer photo-bombing?